Monday, January 16, 2012

Stronger Than I Thought

Last Friday night, a few of my workmate threw a semi-suprise birthday celebration for me. A Korean dinner and followed by a karaoke session. I was truly touched. I've been experiencing a mild melancholy lately because I thought nobody (other than my family) cares this year. Their efforts to celebrate my birthday struck a chord with me. People that I don't have any expectations made an unexpected gesture.

So I wonder, where do I stand in each of other people's heart? Other people that are not my family, I mean. This question has been hanging in my heart in the past 2 days. I wish I could write further but I know I got other hearts to think of. Some people might get offended.

Maybe this is an early sign for me that soon I don't matter at all.

Anyhoo, I'm fine really. The weekend was spent by the beach with family members and my grandmas (maternal grandma and her older sister). I love seeing the two of them. They are so close since they were little up until now. They are in their late 70's! I have promised myself that I will maintain the close relationship I have right now with my family, especially my dear sister. I don't have any expectation on others anymore. People come and go but in the end, only family matters.

Someday when I feel let down, I will look back at this entry and be reminded how I got away with it by believing in myself. I will always be grateful because I am blessed with a loving family. I don't need anybody other than Allah The Almighty to validate my existence.

Move on, Temi. Just move on.

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