Thursday, October 30, 2008

Humming The Humdrum Tune

Sorry to disappoint you folks, there is nothing much to update in Temi-land. The aching tooth is fine now, there's no urgency to see a dentist, pheww. Today I had another appointment with the neurologist. Not so great news but I'm not dying or anything so don't you worry. Anyhow, my neurologist had given the green light for jogging, thus I better start soon as Raya is over. Need to get back in shape before I turned into a balloon. My toxic regiment is cruelly causing my weight to increase oh so rapidly. Eh, I have one more makan-makan invitation this Saturdaylah. Aiyoyoyo..

Sometimes it is sooo difficult to stay positive all the time but I keep reminding myself with one sentence: “It could've been worse!”

That's basically it. Bye, pumpkin pie.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wisdom Won't Make It Through

Even though I have gone through something physically painful with lots of blood, it seems that I might have to go through it again.

One of my tooth needs to be pulled out. I can't remember when was the last time I had my tooth pulled out. Probably never because all I remember is getting the cavities filled.

I had one of my third molars filled last year. Suddenly that darn molar started aching 2 days ago. Now the ache is lessening but I still chew on one side of the mouth only.

The other thing is, my disease is very reactive to several kinds of drugs. And I'm not sure whether Dental Anesthesia might be harmful to me so I have to ask my neurologist first.

For the time being, I'm praying that kumur-kumur dengan air garam works so I don't have to see a dentist. Agak-agak ada tak doktor gigi yang bagi morphine untuk tahan sakit? Heheh :D

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Hollywood Craps

As I write this, it's raining heavily outside my window. On the inside, I'm waiting for my friend, Lipas to send me the installer of Photoshop through messenger. Let's just hope the file transfer will be a success because I really need it. The one that already installed in my Japanese lover (read: toshiba laptop) is behaving oddly, thus I think I need to reinstall the software.

There is nothing significant to blog about. But I have to keep all 3 of you, my loyal reader, entertained. Heheh. Even though there are few things that have been bugging my mind, I feel it's too private to disclose my personal matter here.

Anyway, my Dad said I spent too much time on the Internet. He said nowadays he rarely sees me curled up on the sofa reading a book. I think my Dad is right on the Internet part. But I still read, though. The Internet has millions of things for me to read. For example, in my browser's bookmarks there is one folder that I named “Hollywood Craps”. It 's basically anything related to Hollywood celebrities. Yeah I know reading celebrity gossip sapped my brain juice but who cares? Websites like thesuperficial and gofugyourself hooked me on almost everyday with their hilarious sarcasm. They really tickled the cockles of my heart. Those websites are so friggin' funny!

I could have tell you more about the other things that I like to read on the Internet but now I don't feel like telling anymore. So I want to watch a movie instead. Later alligator.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sometimes There Are Other Ways To Express Your Feelings

To let the creative juices flow, I tinkered around with Photoshop. Thus the new header. It was inspired by the Givenchy ads featuring my favorites actress, Liv Tyler. Red is not my favorite color though.

The weekend is here, more open houses for me. Yeay!

Take care, apple munchkins!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Having A Good Time

In the past 3 days, I have eaten:
A sinfully delicious homemade nasi lemak,
Soto Ayam,
Agar-agar cendol
Mee Bandung
Rendang Utara with Ketupat Daun Palas
Laksa Kelantan
Authentic Minang Dishes
Chocolate Cake
Makaroni Goreng Seafood
Kuey Teow Hailam
Nasi Impit Kuah Kacang
Lemang Jagung
Roti Jala with Kari Daging
Nasi Beriyani
Kuih Bakar

I couldn't believe that I actually visited 7 houses in just 3 days despite the fatigue. Pheww. But I had a very good time! Alhamdulillah.

Allright moving on, Auntie Mossavi tagged me, so here goes:

1)You drive to work? I moonwalk to work
2)Favourite game? The Sims 2 and Uno
3)Favourite colour? all sorts of blue
4)How far from your office? arm's length
5)Do you have PA in your office? nope
6)Star? Capricorn..mbekk
7)Type of person … ie sensitive? Half elves
8)Education Level – Bachelor of Multimedia
9)Staff under you? - That long stick issit?Oh, currently on loan to Gandalf.
10)Time to office & back – unpredictable
11)Do u like swimming? - No because I don't know how to swim
12)Do u like golfing channel 815? - My dad does
13)from where ….. kampong? - rivendell
14)Sister & brother? - 1 sis, 2 bros. All younger.
15)Name most favourite song – Currently Superwoman by Alicia Keys
16)Best dishes cooked? - alamak, this is a difficult question since I can hardly recalled when was the last time I cooked for next!
17)Choice of food – soupy hot and spicy
18)Dress : simple or high taste - high taste is overrated
19)Do you go for branded items? If Asadi counts as branded then my answer is Yes
20)Do you like shopping? NO
21)Where? N/A
22)Alone or accompanied? N/A
23)Country visited overseas so far? Saudi Arabia, China, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Switzerland and Turkey. (okay I kinda made that up. those are countries visited so far by my parents but not me heheh)
24)U believe in experience comes knowledge or vice versa? I believe in fine balance of both experience and knowledge
25)What do u do during pastime? Fighting evil robots
26)May I say u r a successful working lady? Thank you for lying
27)Do u like slow dance? No I like belly dance
28)Do u socialise with people around u? Most of the time
29)Do u prefer baju kurung, simple & easy clothes to work? I prefer working in a long black cape, a black mask and a black cowboy hats with a sword.
30)Your height 5′ 3″ / weight 58 kgs – Slightly taller and thinner
31)Am I upsetting u with these questions? Not really
32)Do u prefer sea food or western set? both
33)Do u go to mamak stall for roti canai & teh tarik? Yeap since I was little.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong, Little Dumplings

Okay some of my entries sounded a tad melancholy, yes? I didn't mean to be forlorn but this is the place where I can vent off my frustrations. It's better here than whining about my feelings to my family and friends all the time. Even though they are being very, very supportive so far, I don't want to bother them too much. Another thing, it is obvious that I don't have a language prowess. No matter how I tried to sound normal, somehow I ended up being gloomy.

I actually wanted to share my Raya anecdotes - how my frail, bedridden paternal grandma kept confusing me with the bibik, embarrassing moments when a 4 year old boy suddenly developed a huge crush on me and kissed my cheeks every 3 minutes or so, that time where I almost broke into a neng yatimah crying session during bermaaf-maafan with my parents, various absurd and funny stuffs the relatives said to me, oh a lot of other things.

But then again, with the attention span of grasshoppers on blogging, I'd keep forgetting to blog about the other happy, notable aspects of my life.

Retrospectively, I have made myself clear behind my purpose on blogging. Thus, I believe I shouldn't be defensive about the mundane matters that I wrote in this blog.

In real life,I look like Liv Tyler I'm fairly normal and cheerful person with a bearable short-fused temper. Though I can't belly dance like Shakira to save my life, I can give you a hug anytime (not including golongan bukan muhrim).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Macaronies in Manjalara, Cookies in Kg.Bharu

The title was inspired by the scrumptious Makaroni Goreng Terlupa Sayur cooked by Cik WRB Hitam and Maya Daybab's delicious cookies that I had over the weekend. However, the rest of the entry has nothing to do with it.

My first week of Raya was tinted with recurrences of the disease. More over, now I am experiencing extreme fatigueness (or is it fatiguabilitiy?), I get tired oh so easily even when I didn't exert myself at all. This kind of thing is to be expected though, my neurologist has discussed about it and I've read about it on online support group. Still it really sucks, not because it affects my mobility but seeing the worried look clouding over the faces of my beloved parents. But I tough it out by visiting my friends and having some of them over for Raya. I do wish my parents won't worry so much...

A relative suggested traditional healing to me. I am still contemplating about it since I'm a teeny bit skeptic on this matter. I cannot comprehend the logic behind all those pantang-larangs imposed by traditional healer but then again one has to try to know, right?

Scheduled for another appointment at the hospital tomorrow. We'll see how it goes lah. Won't dwell into this matter too much, another important aspect of my life requires my attention right now and emotional stress has to be avoided too. On the positive side, I'm not bedridden or anything so as usual it's all good :)

p/s if anyone knows any good traditional healer, let me know please. thank you.